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About Northeast Energy Systems &
Western Energy Systems

As Channel Partner for Jenbacher Gas Engine engine-generator sets, Northeast Energy Systems ("NES") and Western Energy Systems ("WES") provide reliable, best in class electrical-thermal efficiencies, and low emission CHP and DG solutions from 300 kW through 10 MW.

NES and WES are part of Penn Power Group, a 50 + year company with extensive experience in reciprocating power applications. Penn Power Group includes numerous businesses providing emergency standby generator systems, mechanical drives, electrical infrastructure testing and maintenance, and Planned Maintenance Agreements-Long Term Service Agreements providing 24/7 parts and service support for both planned and unplanned maintenance and repairs.

While having a dedicated focus on "gaseous fueled" power generation NES and WES capability extends far beyond simply providing gas engine-generator sets. We provide end users with fully integrated CHP and DG solutions including engine and exhaust heat recovery, fuel gas compressors, emissions, controls, switchgear, micro-grid systems, DC battery storage, mechanical and absorption chillers, bio-gas cleaning systems, cooling towers and components, and any other equipment, components and services required for fully operable and reliable CHP and DG solutions.

NES-WES CHP and DG systems operate behind the fence in grid parallel or island mode applications. We have successful experience with “black start” applications. We have provided solutions operating on natural gas, biogas, syn gas and automated dual fuel applications.

NES and WES provide qualified sales and business development, application engineers, integration engineering, field project management, and highly trained commissioning engineers and field service technicians.